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 "Whole life





Dignitaries, masters, instructors, black belts, students and competitors of Taekwon Do worldwide have long been recipients of awards, gifts and trophies designed by Krystyna Sargent, paying tribute to the artwork of the founder, General Choi Hong Hi.  (see Taekwondo Hall of Fame Museum).  His calligraphy,  poems and philosophy have been set in stone using sculpting techniques with cast marble.  The beauty of his work is now being applied to the more traditional techniques of hand built stoneware and porcelain by Ms Sargent, 6th Dan black belt and honours graduate in 3D Design (Ceramics and Glass).  "I bring together my passions for Taekwondo, Taekwondo philosophy, calligraphy and ceramics in my new work and pay tribute to General Choi as master of the art of  calligraphy." 
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