TAEKWONDO ARTWORKS by Krystyna Sargent B.A.(Hons)      
Bespoke Artworks
Sculptural artworks can be designed for any corporation, association or organisation as presentations and awards.
To discuss bespoke artworks possibilities, please email artfile.one@gmail.com
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 Copyright of Krystyna Sargent Exclusive copper lustred porcelain Tenets scroll. Large marbled porcelain "Whole Life Devoted to Taekwon-Do" scrolls Personalised porcelain Tenets scroll
Personalised 9in fist plaque 9in fist plaque back Personalised 18cm ITF Fist plaque with 24ct gold centre Personalised 7in fist plaque

Personalised "Tae Kwon Do" scroll Personalised 21cm ITF Fist plaque 24carat gold leaf "Taekwonilsin" presented to FGM Rhee Ki Ha Personalised 9in domed fist plaque
Personalised "Respect" scroll


Personalised "Taekwonilsin" large scroll (Whole Life Devoted to Taekwon-Do) Copper lustre


Copper lustre


Examples of personalised artworks with gilded calligraphy, fired precious metal lustres and 24carat gold

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