Krystyna Sargent Design

Blue Earth Ceramics

Thrown jars 10in, 9in and 7in tall.

Slabbed and thrown vases and jars, with lids or without lids, all in blue earth colours. High fired stoneware and porcelain combinations with the use of a number of oxides, minerals and precious metals give a rustic quality, married with more delicate detailing. The bright colours are reminiscent  of the Barrier Reef, the Greek islands, earth from space, and incorporate a combination of modern and traditional influences. 

The new working screw top fitting is hand sculpted and is the culmination of 30 years on and off experimenting, following instructions from a Medieval Venetian pottery's manuscript, uncovered during my student days. 

Screw top slabbed jar 9" x 6" 175 Slabbed vases 55 - 110 Lidded thrown jar 10in/14in tall 95 - 175 Slabbed Celtic lidded jar 9in tall 95
Globes 3.5 - 4.5 in dia 39 - 65 Slabbed lidded vases 7 - 14in tall 75 - 110 Slabbed vases 7in and 10/14in tall 75 - 110 Globe 5in dia 65


Porcelain coasters 4.5in dia 15 Stoneware coasters 5in dia 15 Stoneware trivets 5.5in dia 18