Krystyna Sargent B.A.Hons
biography / news

Krystyna graduated with an honours degree in 3D design (Ceramics with Glass) from De Montfort University, Leicester in 1984 and soon after graduating set up her own studio in Leicestershire and also took up the martial of art of Taekwondo.  Both arts were to have an equal impact on her life.

In 1990 Krystyna was awarded her 1st Dan black belt, by First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha and in 1991 began teaching the art in Leicester.  Many of her students, of all ages, have achieved black belts, dan grades, national trophies and world medals.  Krystyna currently holds the rank of 6th Dan black belt, international instructor.

Combining her love of ceramics, sculpture and Taekwondo she has produced many awards, trophies and presentation pieces for dignitaries, instructors and students of the martial art around the world, whilst continuing to develop her own ceramic designs shown in galleries in the UK, the US and Australia.

Curiosity into the way the mind and body process creativity, aspirations, goals and achievements overcoming obstacles, has led her to pursue her interest Neuro Linguistic Programming and in 2015 Krystyna earned her Practitioner certificate and Business diploma in NLP.  


This is an easy to follow  reference to aid learning Taekwondo colour belt patterns.  Chunked into four movements per page to make learning of new patterns easy for the mind to absorb with simple illustrations for every movement.  English and Korean terminology accompanies each illustration.  Order online